Jackal Protocol: Launch Update

Jackal Protocol
4 min readOct 28, 2022


What has been done in the last 24 hours?

  • Launched and stabilized the Jackal Blockchain. 87 validator teams and counting.
  • Airdropped JKL to qualified wallets. [We are aware of some edge cases and opened up support tickets in our Discord]
  • Listed the JKL token for trading on the Osmosis Frontier DEX.
  • Launched JKL<>OSMO liquidity pool.
  • Leap Wallet has been integrated.

What is coming?

  • Jackal Cloud Dashboard launch.
  • Storage providers online and stabilize.
  • External liquidity pool incentives on Osmosis.
  • Secret Network Airdrop.
  • Mintscan integration.
  • Cosmostation integration.
  • Map of Zones integration.
  • Builder grants.
  • Cross-chain smart contract templates and integrations.
  • Continuous building and shipping of decentralized applications.

Quick Links:

Stake via Pupmos Dashboard: https://jackal.netlify.app/stake

Stake via Ping.Pub: https://ping.pub/jackal/staking

Stake via Leap Wallet: https://linktr.ee/leap_wallet


What has been done in the last 24 hours:

The Jackal Chain has launched and stabilized. The Jackal Protocol is off to a great start with an active validator set of 87/100 and counting. Special thanks to the teams at Polkachu, NodeStake, Notional, Pupmos, Leap Wallet, freak12techno, and a few others for going above and beyond helping in the areas of relayers, block explorers, staking dashboards, endpoints, wallet integrations and more.

The airdrop has taken place for ATOM and JUNO stakers, and there are still many questions about where it can be claimed. We want to clarify further that the airdrop is not claimed for $JUNO and $ATOM stakers, but will appear in your wallet after adding the chain.

The best way to see JKL in your wallet is to:

For those who qualified via staking $SCRT, the ability to claim your allocation will occur after the Secret Network chain update. Once we can access the data needed, we will build a claim function for airdrop participants and alpha testers.

You can buy JKL tokens through the “Swap” function on Osmosis Frontier. The OSMO/JKL liquidity pool has launched on Osmosis Frontier, with external rewards coming soon for liquidity providers. Once external rewards are online, we will announce it via our social channels.

We want to reiterate that any assistance or support from the Jackal Team will come via submitting a support ticket from the official Jackal Discord. There has already been an instance of a severe breach of a user's wallet from sending their seed phrase to a fraudulent account pretending to be a Jackal moderator. THE TEAM AT JACKAL WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR SEED PHRASE, NOR WILL THEY EXECUTE ANY SUPPORT COMMUNICATION OUTSIDE OF A DISCORD SUPPORT TICKET.

Jackal has now successfully integrated with the Leap Wallet! This means JKL is now supported in both the Leap and Keplr wallets. Staking is currently not enabled in Keplr but you can stake your $JKL in the Leap Wallet under the “Stake” tab.

Communication from the Team.

It has been a hectic 24 hours for the core team behind the Jackal Protocol. We are trying to communicate clearly and efficiently through our social channels.

For those looking to Stake JKL tokens here are your options.

Pupmos Dashboard: https://jackal.netlify.app/

Ping.Pub: https://ping.pub/jackal/staking

Leap Wallet: https://linktr.ee/leap_wallet

We understand there are many questions and support requests across various social channels. The Jackal Team is working to respond to each individual request for assistance, but to do so, please direct your questions to the official Jackal Discord and submit a ticket request for assistance. A member of the team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Submit an Airdrop issue: https://discord.com/invite/5GKym3p6rj

What is to Come?

We are incredibly excited to online the Jackal Cloud Dashboard, but we need to online and stabilize our storage providers! Once this has been completed, users will be able to access the Jackal Cloud Dashboard.

As many have noted, any attempts to launch the Jackal Cloud via jackalprotocol.com will direct to a page prompting a password. There is no public password that is required to access the dashboard. This page is merely a placeholder until the storage providers have been successfully onboarded and stabilized. Once the dashboard is live, we will release an announcement, and the page will be open for all users.

External liquidity pool incentives will soon be provided on Osmosis Frontier. To all liquidity providers and DeFi farmers in the Cosmos, we are excited to have you on-board shortly.

The Secret Network Airdrop claim will be built and launched as soon as the Secret Network chain is upgraded. When it is ready, we will announce the claim page from our social channels.

We are currently working to have the Jackal Protocol integrate with Mintscan, Cosmostation, and Map of Zones.


The team at Jackal Labs is excited to deliver the fundamental human rights of accessible security and privacy to the internet's citizens without compromise. Thank you for your excitement and patience as we continue to ship innovative products.



Jackal Protocol

A blockchain delivering actually decentralized storage to all blockchains.